Sunscreen Buyer's Guide
Brand Name
Price Range
Sunscreen Type
Water Resistance
Sweat Resistance
Sun Screen Ingredients
80 of 80 Sunscreen(s)

SPF 45 Body

Moisture Fluid SPF 30

Absolue Premium Bx SPF 30 Body

Absolue Premium Bx SPF 30 Face

Age Shield Face Sunblock

Age Shield Face Sunblock SPF 90+

Age Shield Sunblock SPF 30

Age Shield Sunblock SPF 45

Alba Sun Facial Mineral 10

Alba Sun Facial Mineral 18

Alba Sun Kids Mineral 18

Aveeno® Baby Continuous Protection

Aveeno® Continous Spray Baby 70

Aveeno® Continuous Lotion 30

Aveeno® Continuous Lotion 45

Aveeno® Continuous Lotion 70

Aveeno® Continuous Protection

Aveeno® for Face 30

Aveeno® for Face 70

Cetaphil SPF 15 Moisturizer

Cetaphil SPF 50 Moisturizer

Coppertone Sport SPF 70+

Coppertone Sport Stick 30

Dri-Blok® SPF 30 Continuous Lotion Spray

Dri-Blok® SPF 30 Lotion

Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55

Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 70

Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 85

Fresh Cooling Body Mist SPF 30

Fresh Cooling Body Mist SPF 45

Fresh Cooling Body Mist SPF 70

KIDS® Continuous Spray® 70+

KIDS® Lotion 70+

Kiss My Face Face + Neck 30

Kiss My Face Hot Spots 30

Kiss My Face SPF 18 w Oat

Kiss My Face SPF 30 w Oat

Neutrogena Pure & Free SPF 60

NutraShieldTM 30

NutraShieldTM 70+

NutraShieldTM Faces 70+

Oil Free 15

Oil Free 30

Oil Free 45

Oil Free Faces 30

Oil Free QuickCover® 30

Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 45

Oil-Free Sunblock Stick

Pure & Free Baby Sunblock Stick SPF 60+

Quik-Dri SPF 30 Body and Scalp

Sensitive Skin 60+ SPF with PureScreen

Sensitive Skin Sunblock

Sisley Sunleÿa

Soleil Expert SPF 25 Face & Body

Soleil ExpertSPF 30 High Sun Creme

Soleil Ultra Expert SPF 50

Soleil Ultra Face & Body Lotion SPF 40

Soleil Ultra SPF 50 Face Cream

SPF 15 Continuous Spray

SPF 30 Continuous Spray

SPF 30 Faces

SPF 50 Continuous Spray

SPF 50 Lip

SPF 50 Lotion

SPF 50 Lotion

SPF 50 Sunscreen Stick

SPF 85 Continuous Spray

Sport Face SPF 70+

Ultimate Sport SPF 55

Ultimate Sport SPF 70

Ultimate Sport Spray SPF 55

Ultimate Sport Sunblock Spray SPF 70+

Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock SPF 30

Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock SPF 45

Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

ultraGuard® 70+

Water Babies® 50

Water Babies® 70+

Waterguard Kids Spray SPF 70+

Waterguard Kids Sunblock Lotion SPF 70+

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Featured Sunscreen

H2O Plus SPF 45 Body
Manufacturer: H2O Plus
Brand: H2O Plus
SPF: 45
Product Type: Lotion
Water Resistance: Water resistant
Sweat Resistance: Sweatproof
Ingredients: Hydrating Seaweed Blend, Vitamin B, Broad Spectrum Sunscreens, Vitamin E
Fragrance-Free: No
Tear Free: no
Hypoallergenic: no
Non-comedogenic: no
Oil Free: no
Application Area: Everywhere
Use: Women

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Water-resistant sun protector guards against both UVA and UVB rays while replenishing sun-exposed areas with a dose of marine-rich moisture. The water-resistant formula guards against both UVA and UVB rays while replenishing sun-exposed areas with a dose of marine-rich moisture.

  • A silky sun lotion with broad spectrum protection for the body.
  • SPF 45 sunscreen protects against UVA and UVB rays
  • Water-resistant and sweatproof for the active lifestyle
  • Sea algae, rich in B and antioxidant vitamins, provides powerful protection against UV-induced skin damage
Protection Range: UVA/UVB

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